UNINCORPORATED is a higher education agency committed to building engagement, growing enrollments, and solving major challenges facing universities, schools, and academies. We work closely with deans, administrators, and faculty who are worried about the success of their programs and need additional expertise to remain relevant. With over 15 years of experience, we have developed a design-centered approach to branding, marketing, and learning that produces real results. No long-term contracts. No private equity. Just a team of experts dedicated to higher education.

UNINCORPORATED (aka UN) was founded in 2003 and is lead by Ian Evenstar.


Build the ideal agency. One that will outlive generations and provide prosperity for many. An agency where people want to come to work, and every client admires what we make together.


Continue learning, stay true to our values, and do our client’s best work.


We have 7 key values that guide everything we do at UN. You’ll hear these come up a lot, so memorize them!

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Teach, learn, stay curious and maintain a beginner’s mind.

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Profit is important, but people always come first – invest there.

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See every circumstance as an opportunity to grow and learn.

[/difl_iconlistitem][difl_iconlistitem list_item_title=”INTEGRITY” list_item_title_tag=”h3″ list_item_icon_type=”none” _builder_version=”4.20.4″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

Act in the best interest of our partners and reach for the best work possible.

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Be proactive in actions and words, continue learning, and push to try new things.

[/difl_iconlistitem][difl_iconlistitem list_item_title=”OWNERSHIP” list_item_title_tag=”h3″ list_item_icon_type=”none” _builder_version=”4.20.4″ global_colors_info=”{}”]

Ensure accuracy in your work and take immediate responsibility for mistakes.

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Communicate truthfully and give feedback in a respectfully candid way.



UN is a small but mighty crew of experts dedicated to making the world a better place. We also partner with other experts throughout the world in order to do our clients best work.


We believe that everything we do is connected and that sophisticated problems cannot be solved with any one set of skills. We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach; every client has unique challenges and requires a customized plan of attack. We’ve constructed a team of marketers, developers, strategists, and designers that solve problems and create success by asking tough questions and being multi-dimensional thinkers.

  • Always strive to do our client’s best work.
  • See every challenge as an opportunity for growth.
  • Listen and look for the solution within the process.
  • Remain humble and open-minded.
  • Let quality lead, not opinions or egos.
  • Remain thoughtful about what we make.
  • Focus on the big picture but always check the details.
  • Never worry about what we like, do what works.