By encouraging interdisciplinary and collaborative work, USC Kaufman seeks to transform dance. It embraces the artistic rigor of conservatory dance instruction with unparalleled academic opportunity offered by one of the world’s leading universities to shape the next generation of dance leaders who are connected to the world-at-large.

USC Kaufman’s mission is to empower dance thought leaders through artistry and scholarship. So we ensured their brochures captured their talent, skills, and vision.


USC Kaufman encourages dance exploration and promotes each student’s style. The same approach is taken with the design elements and photography. While emphasizing a cohesive look, the various brochures and posters still highlight the unique dances each student performs.


As the primary marketing brochure for USC Kaufman’s enrollment, this admissions brochure serves to entice and attract dancers of all interests.

In order to best position USC Kaufman with the best dance schools of the nation, we utilized dynamic and vibrant photography throughout the brochure. Additionally, a focus was put on including lifestyle imagery to better convey dancer life on campus.


Seeking community investment, USC Kaufman invites supporters to fund the dance programs.

A diverse set of dancers are featured on each pamphlet to demonstrate diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DIMENSIONS: 8.5 x 11″ Trifold


Students receive a lot of guide books, brochures, pamphlets, and letters during the enrollment process. To build excitement and increase eagerness, this introductory guide to USC Kaufman’s programs becomes an actual keepsake. It unfolds into a poster that not only displays the majors and programs at a glance, but also looks awesome!