UNINCORPORATED’s AI Acceptable Use Policy


At UNINCORPORATED, we are committed to responsible and ethical use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our operations. We believe in utilizing AI in a manner that respects individual privacy, promotes fairness, and avoids harm.


Respect for Privacy

We are dedicated to respecting and maintaining the privacy of all individuals interacting with our AI systems. All data collected will be used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Fairness and Non-Discrimination

We pledge to avoid and eliminate biases in our AI systems, ensuring that they function in a manner that is fair to all users. Any identified discriminatory behavior will be rectified promptly.


Avoiding Harm

Our AI systems are developed and used in a way that prioritizes safety. We strive to minimize any potential harm to individuals or society.



We hold ourselves accountable for the AI systems we deploy. We are transparent about the capabilities and limitations of our technology, and we will address any concerns or issues that arise.


Continuous Monitoring and Updates

We commit to continuously monitor our AI systems and update them as necessary to ensure they maintain the highest standard of ethical use.


By using our AI-based services, all users agree to this policy. We appreciate your trust in our commitment to responsible AI use.