USC Visions & Voices – Web Design & Development

USC Visions and Voices is a university-wide arts and humanities initiative that provides transformative experiences for all USC students, regardless of their major or year in school.

After realizing that their website needed a brand refresh, the program’s administration approached UNINCORPORATED to take on the challenge. The original site had many key issues:

  • It had multiple layers of navigation
  • It was mostly cardinal and grey
  • It did not respond on mobile devices
  • The event section was difficult to use

We set out to address these key issues by simplifying the website’s architecture, designing a fun and engaging user experience, and developing a mobile-friendly website by following best practices in higher education.

Higher Education Web Design

The old website had a good design foundation, but it’s rigid nature held the creative energy of the art captive. In the updated version, we gave the valuable content more breathing room using white space, and let the creative energy loose using bold colors.

The yellow and pink bands push the brand just enough, without straying beyond USC’s overall aesthetic. The new website design has a looseness and vibrancy that distinguishes it from schools dedicated to academics.

The website design captures the vibrancy of the arts and engenders warm feelings of being part of something more than just a classroom: a community. The USC Visions and Voices initiative is a shining example of how USC is more than just a place to earn a degree.

In the end, the new website communicates the initiative’s personality and mission while remaining within the USC identity system.

Higher Education Web Development

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