Sootchy – Brand Video and Social Content

Sootchy is a college savings mobile app that helps parents put their kids through college without student loans or debt.

About Sootchy

Sootchy started with the idea that children could enjoy higher education without the crippling debt that comes from student loans. They developed an app that lets parents easily save for their child’s education through a tax-advantaged 529 savings plan.

The mobile app features the ability to ‘crowdsource’ college savings from friends and family contributions. The company was founded by David Adefeso, a Harvard graduate and financial advisor.

Higher Education Video Production

Sootchy had two primary goals for this project:

  1. Tell David’s story
  2. Explain how Sootchy works

The first video focused on the brand story and why David founded Sootchy. David is a gifted storyteller so we featured his voice as an essential part of the brand.

For the second video, we demonstrated how the Sootchy platform works without producing the standard stuffy, boring explainer video.

The playful illustrations and creative storytelling communicated the key value propositions and use cases in a fun, engaging way.

Social Media Marketing

In support of the video work, we also produced a series of graphics for Sootchy’s social profiles.

Social media designs included the scale of the student loan crisis, quotes about the importance of higher education, and a series of graphics about what else could be bought with the money that the average graduate owes at the end of their college career.

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