Cal Lutheran University – Video Series

California Lutheran University had a desire to produce a series of video assets that support the brand outreach and trust-building campaigns that were personalized for high school sophomores and juniors. Their goal was to create a helpful, accessible, and relevant video series that established rapport and enticed students to connect further with the Cal Lutheran brand. The video series will support the overall campaign by helping Cal Lutheran build additional influence with prospective students and increase applications and enrollment.

The video series included five videos (roughly 3 minutes in length) designed to help high school sophomores answer the big question, How Can I Afford College? Since this is one of the biggest questions on a sophomore’s mind, we believed that Cal Lutheran could gain more trust among sophomore prospects with video content that is tailored to them. The series was offered in both English and Spanish, and delivered via a weekly text message for those students who opt-in to the campaign outreach.

UNINCORPORATED directed the creative process and the video crew, as well as designed the necessary graphics package.