Westport – Website & Marketing

Project Goals

Collaborate with the city’s PR agency and use a previously defined annual budget to develop a new digital strategy that leverages an online marketing campaign and new website for the the city of Westport, WA.

  • Increase the brand perception of the city
  • Increase traffic, visibility and awareness of the city
  • Increase the number of visitors to the city


Our Solution

Using a very limited budget, we developed and executed a multi-channel, fully integrated marketing campaign that established all necessary social media, online advertising and digital remarketing lists for the city. We designed and developed a new website and created audience specific media that leveraged the city’s key value statements.



The city’s board and chamber of commerce recognized a significant increase to the local businesses and city events, especially during off-peak seasons. Website traffic grew more than 800% and the bounce rate for the website dropped from 75% to 19%. The ad buy and digital marketing content outperformed the industry’s best practice and had 315% higher conversions than what was expected by benchmarked standards.